Never run out gas at the last minute with RIGAS

  • Imagine a scenario where you are in the middle of cooking a big lunch for your friends, your gas runs out. Or when you are in the morning rush, cooking breakfast for your children and your stove goes off

Isn’t it stressful to even think about them? With RIGAS, say good bye to such situations.

Senses gas leakage & prevents fire hazards

  • RIGAS SAFE & ALERT have gas sensor which senses the gas leakage immediately and sends an alarm signal through the App to the registered user mobile to help the user to take any quick steps to prevent the leakage.




Protects you and your family from any fire hazard


Zero Maintenance

Once installed, it can be used for years.There are no extra charges for product maintenance.


Easy To Use & Install

Takes only 5 minutes to install the device.


Conservation Made Easy

Know the LPG levels and yourusage to conserve more effectively.

LPG Management Solutions

Make your kitchen safer with RIGAS

The System

  • Helps monitor your gas consumption
  • Automatically connects to the Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system of LPG agencies for cylinder booking, so you’ll never run out on gas .
  • Enabled with WiFi or GSM Technology.

The Device

  • The device is built with a highly sensitive leakage detection sensor, that identifies even the slightest of leakage.
  • This can protect from fire hazards that are caused because of leakage near the stove area besides around the pipe or regulator unlike other available products.
  • It is easily portable, lightweight and comes with an LCD.

The App

  • The App design with an easy-to-use interface
  • Features an auto-triggered loud alarm on your mobile phone, in case of emergency